Primary Care (Sherman Office Only)

Innovative Healthcare Family Practice

Primary care to adults and children in the Sherman office only.

Ensure you have high-quality care at every stage of life. Primary care monitors your health, screens for common problems, and treats MOST symptoms you may have. Innovative Healthcare Family Practice offers primary care to adults and children in the Sherman office only.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care practitioners provide the first line of care for patients. As your primary care provider, Karen will offer both wellness appointments and sick visits. She’ll also be available to answer any questions you may have about your health.

What happens during wellness appointments?

During a wellness appointment, Karen evaluates your current health and screens you for common health problems. At the beginning of your wellness visit, a member of the staff will take your vital signs and measure your weight. Next, Karen will perform a physical exam and review your chart. It is typical that screening bloodwork is ordered.

In order to make sure your insurance will cover the wellness exam 100%, save any problems for a subsequent visit.

What happens during sick visits?

If you come to Karen because of an illness or injury, she’ll begin with a thorough exam. She’ll ask questions about your symptoms or the circumstances that led to your visit. In many cases, she’ll be able to diagnose your condition based only on this information. In some cases, you may need additional testing before a diagnosis can be confirmed.

Depending on the outcome of your tests, Karen may recommend medication or other treatments to help you recover, or she may refer you to a specialist.

When should you make an appointment with Ms. Steed?

Plan on booking an appointment with Karen if you:

  • Are due for an annual wellness visit
  • Run out of medication before you’re due for your next wellness visit
  • Want to change a medication
  • Develop any symptoms that are causing you concern

Can you refill ALL of my prescriptions?

Innovative Healthcare believes that controlled substances are best left to the appropriate specialists. If you have controlled substance medications, please refer back to your current specialist for refills.


If you aren’t sure whether your situation warrants an office visit, please contact Innovative Healthcare Family Practice for guidance.


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