UPIC Track 3


  • Health Status: I am experiencing chronic health conditions that are not being fully addressed by my PCP or specialists – ex.: fibromyalgia, irritable bowel/inflammatory bowel, rheumatoid/osteoarthritis, mental illness, migraines, chronic fatigue, complex family history, personal history of cancer, and many other disease states that require a comprehensive Root Cause Resolution approach
  • PCP Need: I want a “consultant” who can and will dig deep into my health conditions, taking more time per visit than the traditional healthcare model can
  • Insurance/Expenses: While I have insurance, I have seen that it does not pay for Root Cause Resolution; therefore I want to pay my provider to find the answers, which will be less out of pocket in the long run, OR I do not have insurance but I need answers to my chronic health condition(s)
  • I am OK with receiving a “superbill” which I can submit to my insurance for reimbursement
  • Other: I want personalized medicine that uses well-studied pharmaceutical-grade supplements to get the results I am looking for

I’m experiencing significant health challenges & can’t go much further without an answer

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