What is Body Composition Analysis?

What is Body Composition Analysis?

Bio-Impedance Analysis, or BIA, is a process by which you can go beyond the basic BMI (based on height and weight only), and find out how much of your body is fat, muscle, water, etc. Surely you can see how this would be beneficial. A person whose BMI is considered overweight or obese can find out that the fat mass is fine, and the muscle is composing a greater percentage of his or her frame – that’s great! Also, someone who is struggling with weight loss may find out that he or she is chronically dehydrated, or that they don’t have enough muscle mass with which to burn more calories. There are all kinds of scenarios – no two are quite alike.

For a personal trainer, this can be quite helpful in guiding a client to a better workout routine. For the client, this can be information that can show your trainer that you are doing a great job building muscle, but maybe you need to focus on your nutrition to burn additional fat. For a patient undergoing hormone replacement therapy, the BIA can show gains in visceral (abdominal) fat – pointing to testosterone converting to estrogen. For the patient working on an autoimmune healing protocol, the BIA can show how the patient is improving, or not. Excess extra-cellular water can show inflammation which could point back to food allergies/sensitivities. More information, more data, better outcomes!

Don’t be left in the dark any longer. Call today and make an appointment for your BIA, and get on a program in which you can track your progress over time. We have several pricing options, including a la carte, Integrative Transformation (weight loss), and as part of a comprehensive Functional Medicine program to address specific health concerns. Call 903-357-5430 and Sharilynn will be happy to go over it with you.


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