Ladies, are you struggling with hormone concerns?

Do you have a period that won’t go away, a heavy period that makes you afraid to leave the house, or mood issues that make you cry at the drop of a hat close to your period?

Meet my three little friends – Meta-I-3-C, EstroFactors, and ChasteBerry! These products from Metagenics are a fave combo of mine and many others. Let me tell you what they do.

META I-3-C® is designed to promote healthy estrogen metabolism and balance by featuring indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a nature-identical version of the compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Through its ability to promote the breakdown of estrogen to its beneficial, protective metabolite—2-hydroxyestrone—indole-3-carbinol may be a safe and effective way to help achieve beneficial balance in estrogen metabolism.*

EstroFactors® is designed to relieve mild mood swings, breast tenderness, cramping, and occasional sleeplessness associated with premenstrual syndrome and other estrogen-related concerns. This unique formula features natural selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) and calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate to support multiple aspects of estrogen metabolism.*

Chasteberry Plus® combines chasteberry and black cohosh to help support menstrual regularity, ease menstrual cramps, and support reproductive health. Ashwagandha, an herb traditionally used to support healthy aging and libido, completes this special women’s formula.*

I’m sure you can see the benefits of the EstroFactors and Chasteberry Plus, but you may be asking why do I need Meta I-3-C? Well, basically it pulls excess hormones out of your body through your colon, which can be recycled over and over again into your bloodstream if they don’t leave like they’re supposed to. Do you have excess weight in the middle? Meta I-3-C may be able to help you reduce that hormone excess that is showing up on your waistline. There is even evidence that Meta I-3-C may be beneficial in a wellness approach to prevent certain hormone-related cancers.

Personally, I take one of each product twice a day, and sometimes I bump that up to two twice a day, depending on symptoms. I can tell you that I rarely notice a cramp, never have breast tenderness anymore, and my mood stays pretty darned stable all month long.

So check out these products on our website – –  and click on the Metagenics link. Or stop by and see if we have any in stock. But be warned – they fly off the shelves all the time!


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