Ketogenic Diet - Part II

Ketogenic Diet - Part II


Wow! The response has been great to our first keto blog.

I’m following up with a second blog on keto that offers additional information on how almost everyone can utilize a ketogenic diet plan.   

In the previous blog, I alluded to the fact that I can modify the keto plan to fit the person.  Let’s look at who might need to follow a certain type of keto.


What we know of as “classic keto” (75% fat / 20% protein / 5% carbs) is good for patients who are:


But I would modify keto to a higher protein ratio (60% fat / 35% protein / 5% carbs) for those who:


Still others would benefit from a “carb-up” in the evening where you exchange what would have been a fatty meal for a carby meal. The percentages are 60% fat / 20% protein / 20% carbs.

Those better suited for that include:


As you can see, it is very important that your healthcare provider understand how keto works – not for everyone – but specifically for you!

At Innovative Healthcare, we can explore the health issues listed above, help you to choose the best plan, show you how to implement it, and track your progress using medical grade Body Composition Analysis.

Tracking body composition tells you how your diet is improving your fat mass, muscle mass, and water content.





Some of the ideas here were adapted from The Keto Diet – the Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet from Leanne Vogel.


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