Keto - Is it for You?

Keto – Is it for You?


There’s a lot of buzz in diet and weight management circles right now about keto.

It seems everyone you know has tried it at one point or another….or maybe they’re just talking about it.


But is it for you?

What about all that fat?

Will you get enough protein?

What about food allergies/sensitivities?

How will you feel? (You’ve probably heard about the keto flu.)


As with any diet program, you should consult your healthcare provider. Oh, he (she) doesn’t know anything about it? Well, I do.

There are many health benefits to the keto diet.  There are also many cautions and ways around the common pitfalls of the keto diet.  It should be done scientifically and with good communication.  By doing so you will see the results, feel the difference, and the lab work WILL show the truth about what greatly reducing carbs does for the body.  

A lot of people don’t know that, as a healthcare provider, I can modify the typical keto macro profile to include some carb days that will keep you on track. I can help you decide if classic keto is right for you and when to move to a more “normal” eating pattern.


Keto doesn’t have to be boring!

There are many snack ideas and recipes are all over the internet to help you stay interested. Just be sure the recipes always include macro information. I’ve seen a few keto recipes that actually were more paleo based, and the two plans, while similar, are not the same.


What are the benefits of a ketogenic diet?



Using the principles of SUSPECT, TEST, and TREAT, I will complete before and after lab work sets which prove how a medically prescribed keto plan helps reduce inflammation from any number of health conditions.

I can provide you with the tools for success in addressing any side effects of keto before you get fat adapted.

I can also guide you on how to make an ideal keto plan for you taking into consideration the food allergies/sensitivities we will test.


Don’t go into keto blindly.

Genetics plays a role in all these factors, but you have control over your environment.  

A well planned approach to your personalized Keto diet can help you avoid the pitfalls on your way to vibrant health!




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