Insurance and Functional Medicine

Insurance and Functional Medicine – Are They Mutually Exclusive?

At Innovative Healthcare Family Practice and Wellness Center, we provide Integrative Medicine, which means we blend traditional Western Medicine with Functional Medicine (finding the root cause to the problem). Many patients have found most Functional Medicine (FM) practitioners no longer take insurance….if they ever did. We understand both the practitioner and patient’s point of view on this.


Why wouldn’t I use my insurance if I already have it?

Insurance providers are typically known for having complex, burdensome processes that healthcare providers and patients must overcome in order to receive reimbursement.   In a perfect world, patients would come prepared with the exact amount of money needed to provide good healthcare service. Since we are not in a perfect world, and tragic things can happen, it is necessary for patients to have some sort of third party healthcare coverage.  When an employer provides more than just a catastrophic healthcare plan, one would be a fool not to take part in it.

FM practitioners usually leave the patient’s primary care to another practitioner and they sometimes even require patients to provide proof of who they see for acute care needs such as sinus infections, urinary tract infections, and the like. This type of primary care lends itself to the insurance model, and FM’ers don’t typically take it.  They resist the burden of keeping up with the patient’s well care, acute care, and pharmaceuticals.


Functional Medicine and Primary Care options in the same practice – a perfect blend

We have patients who desire primary care only, and of course, they use their insurance if they have it. We also have patients who travel to us for FM only and they may already have a primary care practitioner, possibly in their local town. 

For our patients who are desiring FM and also want primary care, we are the perfect blend. We will file insurance for what insurance will pay, and we will be very clear on which types of visits and tests are covered and which are not. Our practice gives you the ability to utilize your insurance to its full capacity, thus leaving room in your budget for the real need in healthcare today – personalized medicine.

Our goal is to accommodate your health needs through an integration of conventional medicine and the root cause analysis approach of Functional Medicine.


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