Herbal Supplements

Why you should take a fresh look at your herbal supplements every so often…….

If you have been on the same supplements, specifically herbals, for more than one year, you really need to check with your healthcare provider to make sure you still need them.

Case in point: I recently talked to a patient who was using a supplement for adrenal fatigue, and she had been using it faithfully and was definitely feeling better. We did an updated Stress Assessment questionnaire and found that she did not need that supplement anymore but a different one. It was less expensive and indicated that she was in fact experiencing an improvement in her adrenal fatigue!

If you are on multiple supplements, especially individual herbals, come in and talk to us. Unless you are a certified herbalist, you could be mixing and matching things that don’t play well together. (If your current healthcare provider does not understand herbals or does not believe in them, it might be time to find someone else!)
It is always a good idea to bring EVERYTHING with you to your visit so that we can analyze doses and how best to take them.

Call today and make an appointment for a full evaluation of everything you take – both prescription and non-prescription.

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