Another Perspective on Body Composition

Another Perspective on Body Composition

Case Study:

A 40-ish man comes into the clinic, wanting to understand his body composition. He works out regularly, is trying to eat well, but his BMI (body mass index) says he is overweight.

When we look at his BIA (bioimpedance analysis) though, his muscle mass is above average, his fat mass is 7%, and his body water is above average – what gives?

BMI is a very flawed measurement of a person’s health. It is only based on the measurements of height compared to weight (there is a formula in there, but still the beginning measurements are the same). Did you know that it was originally developed in the 1800’s in Belgium? Can you imagine what most Belgians in the 1800’s looked like?

When we measure a person’s body water, their muscle mass, and their fat mass, as well as their fat-free mass, we get a much more distinct picture of what their efforts are and how they are paying off.

Truly, health is based on much more than your height and weight.  Of course we are concerned when a person is classified as obese, but what if your muscle mass is great for your age? What if your body water is great? What if you really only need to look at your actual fat mass, and that could be tracked over time?

We can define a better eating plan for you, as well as an exercise plan that will maximize your good measurements, as well as hone in on your no-so-good measurements and guide you in how to laser-focus your efforts. We can also do advanced diagnostic testing to find other underlying factors which may be sabotaging your best weight loss efforts.

What do you have to lose?



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